Bop It Tetris

Bop It Tetris

Bop It Tetris Video

Bop It Tetris is a hand-held reflex game, instead of listening to the unit shout commands at you; this is a visual reflex now. The object is to make a square by twisting and pushing the knobs and making lighted “pieces” drop from one screen to another.

The four squares on the right-hand side of the unit show a shape in either blue, green or red lights, you use the up and down keys to spin the shape to fit the existing grid on the eight blue squares to the left of the unit, then when it is aligned correctly, you ‘Slam It’ (push the ends together) to make the shape fit the grid. Fill the grid, get yourself a point, repeat ad infinitum as each level can get faster.

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There are a couple of modes, it’s single-player or multi-player, and it has different modes. Passing it between friends and there is a destruction mode where you send red shapes into the blue ones to destroy them, a reversal of the main game mode you might say. Players need to complete 32 puzzles to unlock each mode.

Best of all, the classic Tetris music is there, booming out of the unit’s surprisingly bassy speaker, in true Bop It style, there is an insanely American commentator that pokes fun at you when you miss and congratulates you for a win but can get old pretty fast.

This Bop It Tetris feels sturdy and solid and has stood up to us dropping it on our carpet several occasions. The best I can tell it will last longer than our desire to play this game, it is that sturdy.

If you want to know more about Bop It Tetris then read on here.

Bop It Tetris

To those of you unfamiliar with “Bop It” it is a “toy” which tests your reflexes and quick thinking. Bop It Tetris is similar but has been designed to replicate the old classic video game. Gone are the commands of “twist” and “pull”, replaced with brightly coloured tiles which you have to “slam” into the right place by hitting the end of the Bop It!

It is a simple concept to turn the dial and line up the shapes then bop them in, but such as the real tetris, it may be quite addictive. This bop it version has a lot of sound effects and if you do not score well, it will tell you ‘that was crap’ so that is something to maybe be aware of with younger players – although you can turn the volume down or onto silent if you prefer. It’s a good game, simple fun and something to entertain all ages for a while.

Gameplay is super simple: there are two eight panel screens opposite each other. Tetris-like shapes appear in one panel that need to be slid into a space on the other. You can twist the two sides to rotate the panels, hit a switch to rotate the shape, then slam the two pieces together to “drop” the shape onto the other panel.

There’s some music in the background that increases in speed while you play, and an announcer that allows you know realize you are in the game. The announcer also laughs to you and mildly berates you when you lose, that is irritating but not enough that I’m able to put the thing down. Volume is adjustable from silent to loud.

There are several modes of play:

  • Marathon (just see how long you can last)
  • Pass It (for friends and parties)
  • Challenge

There are also several game styles: stage one is pretty straightforward, stage two, which incorporates rotation to the mix, bonus rounds, Tetris Blast (with bombs to blow up squares), Double Drop (with more than one color), and Shuffle, which mixes up all the levels.

Bop It Tetris

Bop It Tetris

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